PuttOUT Golf Putting Mirror

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PuttOUT Golf Putting Mirror from Luxury Travel & Golf

Eyeline golf putting mirrors are a great tool for honing your putting skills. They provide a good indication of how far you have hit the ball, but they also provide a bit of feedback that can make you change your stroke. A good mirror can help you get the most out of your stroke, and help you avoid hitting the ball off line.

Made with a three-layer design, the PuttOUT Golf Putting Mirror has a glossy, anti-scratch surface printed with simple markings and guidelines. Beneath the reflective outer sits a solid steel inner, used to prevent warping, bending and breakage, but also to hold in place the adjustable magnetic alignment guides included. Surrounding the layers is a durable rubber casing, complete with spiked teeth on the underside to hold the mirror in place whether in your home putting setup or on the practice green, itself.

Completing the pack, the PuttOUT Golf Putting Mirror also comes with a stand-alone 50mm putting gate, as well as set of two 3-inch magnetic alignment guides, allowing you to not only practice eye, shoulder and ball alignment but also to actively work on your stroke’s path and target by having the putter pass through the guides.