4 Pack-Pocket Coin & Ball Marker Bundle Set

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Tired of walking up to your ball and searching your pockets for a marker with no luck? How about being "that guy" who always asks if anyone has a mark on them?

Our brand new premium pocket coins with removable ball markers make them easy to find, each marker comes equipped with a leather carrying case that attaches right to any golf bag. Never walk up to a green empty handed again.

1 x Fuck 3 Putts Ball Marker
1 x Just Tap It In Ball Marker
1 x Putt for Dough Ball Marker
1 x USAG Classic Ball Marker

USAG Premium Pocket Coin & Removable Ball Marker.

  • Both coin holder and ball marker feature clear epoxy coating for long-lasting durability
  • Leather carrying case included! Attaches to any golf bag
  • Magnetic ball marker fits securely inside the coin
  • Marker removable with a touch of the arrow
  • USAG custom logo painted on back of coin