Perfect Path -Swing Trainer

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Correcting the dreaded slice or hitting a heavy draw, the Path Perfect is the quickest way to change your swing path!

Typical amateur golfers are frustrated with bad shots and have no idea how to correct them. The Path Perfect guides you to a swing that creates quality shots!

  • Change the position of the rods to match your desired outcome. 

  • The Polycarbonate base is indestructible and the Velcro rods stay close-by after errant Swings. 

  • Trap the ball- catch the ball and then the turf. Create a nice crisp Divot, hit it Solid with great trajectory, and phenomenal spin. The Polycarbonate base tells you instantly If you are scooping the ball or hitting it Fat. 

  • Swing on-plane- when you learn to swing the club between the speed rods, your club will be on plane and on path. Great for eliminating a slice or hook and ultimately leaded to straighter longer shots. 

  • To take away the "over the top" Move and instantly cure your slice: put a rod on the back Top corner, and front inside corner (right-handed golfers). 

  • Use it indoors or out, you are going to love it!

  • Works for right and left handed golfers